Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Wonderful Nature Photography Workshop

This past weekend we had another successful Nature Photography Workshop. Held at Cacapon State Park in Morgan County, WV the fall colors were in full intensity.

Despite the rain on Friday and Saturday morning the group explored the marvels of manual exposure mode and the realization that the photographer is smarter than the camera.
A combination of classroom work and field work help to strengthen the students understanding of shooting in manual mode, setting f-stops for the situation at hand, setting a shutter speed to freeze the action or to allow time to accumulate on the film/sensor to render the preconceived image. With digital photography the students were made aware that they can change the ISO between ever shot if they want to (I can't imagine wanting to but you can). This allows the photographer to capture the desired image using the f-stop and shutter speed that they want. To render the image the way that they want by changing the ISO to achieve the correct balance between these three key elements to a proper exposure.
It is so rewarding to see the light bulbs click on over their heads when they finally get it. When all of the elements of this manual mode come together and gel - they can do it! Manual Exposure - it's not as hard and you think.

Donna and I are so pleased to have had to opportunity to share our passion for nature and nature photography with passionate people that are willing to learn and experiment. The rewards are priceless.
We are already working on next years workshop schedule. Stay tuned for a link to the 2010 Nature Photography Workshop Schedule.


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wil and Donna,
Surely do wish I could have been there. I miss the East Coast...and mostly because of family and friends like you...but then the fall colors hit and I wonder what I'm doing out here! Your photos are super, as always. When are we going to see another book??? You can't just rest on your laurels. : )
Big hug, Keron


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