Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stauffer’s Marsh

June 15, 2009 by Wil Hershberger

As dawn proceeds across the valley of Back Creek, West Virginia, the residents of Stauffer’s Marsh begin to stir. As the easter sky brightens the birds begin the ancient ritual of the dawn chorus. Green frogs, bull frogs and northern cricket frogs ad a basso accompaniment to the ever changing performance.

Once the dawn chorus has settled down and birds return to defending territories and attracting mates they sing more slowly. This virtuoso Song Sparrow was recorded in stereo. Listen for the Yellow warbler and Common yellowthroat in the background. This particular male Song Sparrow has a beautiful, clear voice. He will sing 10 or so songs of one type and then change to another song in his repertoire of 10 or more songs.

The dawn chorus was recorded in binaural using a SASS and MKH 20 mics to a Sound Devices 702.

The Song Sparrow was recorded with a Telinga Pro 7 Stereo DAT mic to the SD 702.


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