Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finally - some photos of a Chipmunk

After a long stretch of bad luck finding a cooperative chipmunk I was able to capture some nice images of Chippy at my friend Craig Muck's house.
Craig's observations lead him to believe that Chippy has stored about 20 pound of sunflower seeds somewhere! As you can see in image number 21 at the link below he can certainly carry off a big load of seeds at one time.
Images here


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Hi Wil,
Very nice photos of the chipmunk and others. I have a question for you... I noticed you have a copyright symbol and your name on your pictures which I think is a great idea. I am into nature photography too, and was wanting to post some pictures of mine on my blog, but I don't want people to be taking my pictures from me. How do you go about getting your name copywrited on your pictures???

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Hi Wil,
Some very nice pictures of a chipmunk etc... I have a question for you... How do you get your name copywrited on your pictures so noone will steal them from you? I am very much into nature photography myself and would love to post some pictures of my own on my blog.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Wil said...

Thank you Kevin.
Adding the watermark can be done in PhotoShop or in this case I was using LightRoom v1.1 and you can set it up to add the watermark as you export jpgs from the original file.
To add the watermark in PS, just add a layer, use the text tool to create the symbol and name (in windows you can get the © symbol by pressing and holding the atl key and typing 0169 on teh number key pad, on a mac just press and hold the option key and hit the letter g). Set the text font and size to taste and set the layer's opacity to the desired effect. Flatten the image and save as a jpg or what ever you want.
I hope that this helps,


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