Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PVNP Field Trip to Bombay Hook NWR, DE

In attendance were Darla and Ronald Cook, Donna Hershberger and myself.

Saturday morning was cool and breezy. The numbers of snow geese were way down from last year. I could not see any obvious reason for this as there was plenty of water in all of the ponds.
The sunrise on Saturday was beautiful but never really produced the kind of light that you want from flight shots of the geese. There were some images to be made none the less. After all of the geese had left the ponds we started to drive around looking for other targets with the lens and camera ready to go at a moments notice. This certainly paid off when a juvenile peregrine falcon landed in a dead snag right next to the road. Carefully approaching in the truck the falcon didn't seem to mind that we were there. It sat in the snag and preened for several minutes. The light at this time of the morning could have been very harsh. However, with the somewhat thin overcast the light was soft yet with some definition. Shadows were open but not absent.
I think that the images of this falcon were the best of the weekend.

Saturday evening the sunset was rather subdued. There were just too many clouds to get a spectacular image. There were however, some interesting reflection images to be made using the reeds and grasses that were growing up through the water of the ponds.

Sunday morning the light was even worse than yesterday. The geese put on a much better show this morning as you would suspect. There were a few flight shoots that turned out OK.

All too soon it was time to same good bye and head back west toward home.