Friday, November 10, 2006

Lecture Review

Well, it was a lot of material, in fact, it would have been 3+ hours of lecture in my regular workshops. However, I think that they did come away with some good information and tips that they can start using right away. After showing them the RAW conversion techniques that I use and the virtues of one software over the others one of the fellows scolded me in that it was going to cost him $600 to get the software :)
Everyone was very pleased and complementary and I had a great time as well.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Unseasonable Weather

I cannot believe this weather. The first week of November and it is 70F outside.
Tomorrow is a day off and I hope to get some shooting in. The birds are coming into the feeders pretty regularly now. I guess that they have exhausted most of the natural foods in the area.
The weather should cooperate too. This will be a good test of the Canon EOS 1D IIN with the 500mm f/4 lens at close focus with extension. The EOS 1Ds produced some amazing details with this setup and at this range. I guess that I will have to see what I can get. I will post a few images when I can to compare the two cameras with this setup.

I am giving a talk this evening to the Antietam Photographic Society on "Getting the Proper Exposure with Digital Cameras." There is a lot of material to cover and I hope that I can teach them a few things that will help. Should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Black-chinned Hummingbird

I thought that I would post this photo of a male BCHU that was taken at the Sonoran Desert Museum hummingbird aviary. He seemed to be posing for me.

©Wil Hershberger, Nature Images and Sounds, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Customizing my blog

Well, I have tried to add an image to the banner of my blog. It appears to have worked.
If the banner is not a photo of a killdeer, but is just blue please let me know. Also, include the browser that you are using.

Congratulations Samantha!
Samantha Walker was chosen as the Emerging Artist at the Potomac Arts Festival for 2006.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shenandoah Photographic Society, Winchester, VA
The annual banquet of the SPS was Friday November 3rd. We were not able to attend as we were at the Potomac Arts Festival.
I was awarded the Photographer of the Year in Class A Color Prints. An award that is based on the number of winning images that the photographer has had during the monthly competitions throughout the previous year. I was very pleased and honored to receive this award.
Several of my images that were submitted for the year end competitions also received ribbons for second and third place. The judge this year was Keron Psillas and very talented photographer, writer and speaker who is on staff with Art Wolfe Inc. We were told that she provided in-depth critiques of the winning images after the judging and that the members of the club were very appreciative of this feedback. It sounds like it was a wonderful learning experience for everyone there.
A big thank you to Keron for sharing her time and talents with SPS.

The Potomac Arts Festival
November 3-5, 2006
Last years inaugural show was terrific. This year the festival was moved to the gymnasium where all of the vendors would be in the same space and visitor traffic would be more concentrated in one area rather than through several buildings.
The organizers did a wonderful job getting the gym set up and getting the vendors in place and set up.
The quality of work on display was amazing. Many visitors were commenting on the this very fact.
The Friday evening preview party was well attended and there were lots of buyer; at least at our booth.
Saturday started with a flurry of activity which ebbed when the film festival began. When the first series of movies let out there was a large number of visitors. By the end of Saturday's show we had done nearly as well as we had done in the entire weekend last year.
All of the artists that we had the opportunity to speak with were very nice and helpful.
We are looking forward to a wonderfully busy Sunday :)