Thursday, November 09, 2006

Unseasonable Weather

I cannot believe this weather. The first week of November and it is 70F outside.
Tomorrow is a day off and I hope to get some shooting in. The birds are coming into the feeders pretty regularly now. I guess that they have exhausted most of the natural foods in the area.
The weather should cooperate too. This will be a good test of the Canon EOS 1D IIN with the 500mm f/4 lens at close focus with extension. The EOS 1Ds produced some amazing details with this setup and at this range. I guess that I will have to see what I can get. I will post a few images when I can to compare the two cameras with this setup.

I am giving a talk this evening to the Antietam Photographic Society on "Getting the Proper Exposure with Digital Cameras." There is a lot of material to cover and I hope that I can teach them a few things that will help. Should be a lot of fun.


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