Sunday, November 12, 2006

Image Comparison

Well, I was able to get some shooting in on Friday and I have finally gotten the images processed. While the birds didn't cooperate as well as I had hoped the weather did. With bright unfiltered sunlight, like I had when the chickadee image was made, this female goldfinch landed on the bird bath rather than the feeder log that I had set up. The images here are 50% enlargements of the finished images ready to be printed at 8x10, 360 dpi.
It appears to me that the images show very similar levels of detail. The goldfinch was shot with the EOS 1D IIN and the chickadee with the EOS 1Ds, both were taken using the Canon 500mm f/4 IS with 12mm of extension at f/8, ISO 200, and around 1/320 second with fill flash at -1.67 Ev.
What do you think?

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