Thursday, November 16, 2006

Art Wolfe Coming to PVNP !

The following is from the newsletter of the Potomac Valley Nature Photographers.

World renowned photographer Art Wolfe will be conducting a weekend seminar for PVNP February 24-25, 2007. Art will be talking about finding your inspiration as a photographer
and how to pre-visualize an image to mention just a few of the topics that he will discuss.
Art Wolfe has been capturing images of the natural world and remote cultures for more than 30
years. His work has appeared in all of the major publications in the US and many others across the globe. His internationally acclaimed and award winning books have garnered praise from his peers for many years. Years of capturing the beauty of our natural world have instilled in him
a deep respect for the environment and a burning need to do whatever he can to preserve this fragile balance. His tireless efforts in this regard have earned him great respect and admiration from conservationists the world over.
PVNP is proud and honored to be able to offer this outstanding opportunity to peek into the mind of
one of our greatest photographers and most passionate environmentalists. We are also pleased to announce that Art and his creative partners will be providing incentives for early registrants. Additional information regarding these incentives will be disclosed as we learn more of the details. Some of these incentives may include one of Art’s prints, equipment or supplies from Canon, Epson, Gitzo, Lexmark and/or others.
We will keep you informed as soon as we know the complete package. This will hopefully be before our December 1 meeting. Also presenting during this not to be missed seminar will be Rick Holt, a nationally acclaimed teacher and photographer. He will be talking about tips and tricks for processing images in PhotoShop as well as an in-depth discussion on Adobe’s new Lightroom. Lightroom is a brand new development from Adobe that combines an image previewer, organizer,
metadata editor, RAW developer, B&W conversion tool and many, many other applications all
into one powerful program that will save any photographer an enormous amount of time dealing with digital images and that dreaded “digital asset management.”
Early registration is advised as this seminar will certainly sell out quickly.

We are limited to 250 people.
For both days of the seminar with registration in advance $199
For both days of the seminar at the door $249
For one day of the seminar with registration in advance $139
For one day of the seminar at the door $189
Proceeds from this seminar will be used to further PVNP’s activities in outreach, education and conservation.


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